Glen Albyn Lodge

Our three course evening  meals are £21.00 
   Two courses are  £17.00

Inclusive of coffee

Reservations Regular Sweet Course Favourites   
Cranachan  - Orange or Lemon Sorbet
Scottish Carrot Pudding - Sticky Toffee Pudding
Scottish Cheeses and Oat Biscuits  
Typical Scottish Starters 
Fresh home-made soup - Pate and Oatcakes - Smoked Trout
Typical Scottish Main Courses
Due to our use of fresh products, meals need to be ordered
in advance (ie. the night before or in the morning)

Also, as we don’t have the stock or staff of a restaurant, we can
only manage one choice from each of the courses for everyone.

For example:
It’s a little like going to dinner at your favourite Aunt’s house -
everyone eats the same wonderful meal....(good old Auntie)
Sample Menu
Berry Glazed Nut Roast - Italian Layer Bake
Shepherdess Pie
All served with a selection of seasonal vegetables 
Vegetarian Selection includes
Salmon Balmoral
A fillet of Scottish Salmon oven baked 
in a buttery oatmeal coating
Served with a selection of seasonal vegetables